The Hollywood Carbon Facial

Want Hollywood Carbon Facial in Surrey or South London? Now at Light Fantastic!

What is it, is it any good?

A carbon paste is applied onto the face and removed by nd.yag laser to improve skin tone, oily skin, skin texture, closes and cleans pores, reduce marks, reduces fine lines, firmness, and produces collagen. Literally no down time. It is actually quite a warm and relaxing treatment. So yes… its pretty great!

What happens?

We patch test you with carbon, but also if you choose enhanced treatment we will test you without carbon as well, enhanced is simply we do the laser again directly on the skin to take the treatment to another level. This is a bolt on extra if wanted. All patch testing has a minimal return time of 24hrs, longer for skin type 4.

Are you qualified?

All light fantastic staff are fully trained and qualified in all our treatments, with certificates to see, no exceptions.

Hollywood Carbon Facial skin treatment

Can it be done on other areas?

Yes it can, hands, chest, neck, all can be done, with great results.

How many sessions?

1 single or as many as you would like, the more you have the better the results, sit and chat in a consultation to help you decide a plan to suit your needs.

No downtime, quick results, affordable and non-invasive.

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