Fat Dissolving Injections

Want Fat Dissolving Injections in Surrey or South London? Now at Light Fantastic!

NEW at Light Fantastic, fat dissolving through injection.

Lemon bottle is the go to for us through research and trial, and we have had great results.

Fat dissolving injections

Weight loss has never been easier

What does it do?

Lemonbottle's formulation and precision-guided injection technique offer patients a virtually painless experience with little to no swelling or bruising post-treatment. The exceptional safety profile allows patients to immediately resume normal activities with minimal downtime and no disruption to work or social obligations. Visible body contouring results can be noticed as soon as the day following the procedure. Gradual improvements continue over the subsequent weeks as the eliminated fatty acids and glycerol are cleared from the treatment area. Clients can expect long-lasting yet natural-looking fat reduction outcomes.

Whats in lemonbottle?

Its unique formula combining premium ingredients like Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Lithecin, Bromelain, among others – all designed for effective fat decomposition.
Despite being a quick procedure – taking only 30-45 minutes – the results can be fantastic.

  • Riboflavin: Accelerates energy production by boosting cellular function which aids faster breakdown of fats.
  • Lithecin: A phospholipid that helps break down dietary fats into smaller molecules making them easier for digestion and absorption into bloodstream.
  • Bromelain: An enzyme extracted from pineapple stem that helps reduce inflammation and bruising at injection sites.

Lemon bottle introduces key ingredients such as Lithecin and Bromelain all-natural components known for their powerful effect on breaking down unnecessary fat cells.

How does it work?

The potent substances help dissolve fatty tissue by increasing cell permeability and triggering release of unwanted lipids ( fat ).
The dissolved fats are then naturally eliminated through your body’s metabolic process over time – no harsh chemicals or invasive procedures required. 

If you’re struggling to eliminate stubborn fat deposits, it works especially well for those who have tried diet and exercise but haven’t seen significant improvement. 

The primary benefit lies in its unique ability to tackle persistent fatty areas. Whether your problem area is under the chin or around the stomach, this high-concentration fat dissolve solution targets these zones with precision. 

 Apart from breaking down unnecessary fat cells, one major advantage is its minimal swelling effect compared to other treatments. This reduces inflammation significantly post-treatment. You can expect fewer interruptions to your daily routine after each session.

What areas can be done?

Almost anywhere, here are some examples:

Fat dissolving examples

Please note:
Possible side effects are redness, swelling and bruising at the injection sites. But don’t worry too much – these should fade away within a few days. However, keep in mind that with all treatments there’s a small chance of allergic reactions. Please contact us if you have any worries.

It’s effective, quick, affordable and minimally invasive. So… don’t be a lemon … get some lemonbottle…. @Light Fantastic

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