LASER Hair Removal - FAQs

Is it suitable for all skin types?

All skin types up to skin type 6, the darkest tone, can be treated subject to a skin test. Red, blonde and grey hair cannot be treated by IPL because the pigment in the hair cannot absorb the light. However the lighter skintones are less susceptible to scarring or damage.

Our consultants will assess your skin type at the consultation.

What are the guidelines pre-treatment?

The following recommended guidelines should be followed on the area to be treated for 30 days before treatment:

  • Do NOT use sun-beds & do not sun bathe
  • Do NOT use self-tanning creams
  • Do NOT wax, thread or tweeze hair from the treatment area
  • Do NOT have electrolysis on the area
  • Do NOT use delipatory creams & do not bleach hair on the treatment area

Are there any side effects?

You may see some redness on the skin and a little raising around the hair follicle. These symptons are gone in a short time depending on the client’s reaction. A small amount of aloe vera gel can be used if needed.

For 30 days after the treatment you should:

  • You should AVOID exposure to UV light, ie. sun beds and sun bathing.
  • A higher SPF 30+ should be applied when outside. Excessive exposure can cause hypo or hyper pigmentation of the skin.

For the next 48 hours you should:

  • AVOID all heat treatments such as steam rooms, saunas, hot baths, hot showers and excessive exercise & swimming
  • Do NOT touch, pick or scratch the area.
  • An ice cold compress can be applied if the area feels hot or uncomfortable.

How do I know if the treatment was successful?

There may be a red ring around the follicle or the hair may become loose, at which point it can be easily removed with tweezers. Hairs will start to shed/fall out 1-3 weeks after treatment as the epidermis is renewed. Exfoliating will help this process. You'll start to enjoy new smooth hairfree skin with no mess or fuss.

Do you cater for men?

Yes we do. Find out more

Where can I find your IPL Hair Removal Clinic?

We are based in Walton-on-Thames and regularly see clients from all areas of Surrey and London. You'll find a friendly relaxed atmosphere, and highly experienced staff who will guide you through the process and make you at ease.

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