sorry for late updates… victim of our own success… been soooo busy!!

tattoo update… longer down time for this customer as he older than most of our clients… skin can be more sensitive.. so treatment is slightly longer for removal… getting great results … a very happy customer…

p-lovejoy-13-10-16-2 p-lovejoy-13-10-16¬†Heres an example of part tattoo removal…
the eye of this dragon was too small so we removed ink around the area and the eye was re-shaped… a happy result….
if you dont believe its real… come in and see us…
it was our managing directors arm….

done-2 done-1



30 year old tattoo

here is an example of a tattoo having been applied over 30 years ago,

they can be tough to remove… check out its progress… 1 b4 treatment

before treatment, genuine photo,s… you can see the hairs and follicles..

3 sessionsafter 2 sessions we are getting great results, the older the tattoo, the older the client, the harder it is to remove…. but as you can see… its well on it way. the client is very happy.

Xmas nearly here…

party pic

Soon we will be partying at our Christmas doo,s and having fun across the festive season…

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